June 2009

sunny 06 Jun, 2009

f°posted at 03:40 AM

This is the sight, at the middle of the driest desert on earth -Atacama- when you walk along the labyrinth called Jere Valley. As you can imagine, there's no words to describe, or other thoughts to write 

but just to look, and feel.

sunny 07 Jun, 2009

f°posted at 09:38 AM

Let the greens and flowers for the dry out earth
standing in a desert, I am a little and reminds me the day of death
what a great joy, if I found a bit of water and a bit of greens...

cloudy 16 May, 2009

n°posted at 23:21 PM

feel lucky when I see the cirrocumulus
especially on traveling, weather texture is the one
unforgettable scene

sunny 03 Jun, 2009

f°posted at 10:13 AM

Sometimes, textures become really vivid.
This one was actually dancing.


The earth is round. n˚ is at 35˚27' north latitude and f˚ is at 33˚ 38' south latitude. We live on opposite sides of this sphere, don't we? Eyes of n˚ and f˚ occasionally meet each other on white planar surface.