January 2009

sunny 25 Jan, 2009

n°posted at 17:31 PM

a sculpture doll dreamed about a house
if I get married with a dried fig, I will build a house
if I build a house, I will draw a white house...
dream dreamed dreaming...zzz :)

sunny 28 Jan, 2009

f°posted at 15:57 PM

Dreaming about clouds
      maybe the wind has something to do

with this house.

sunny 17 Jan, 2009

n°posted at 23:45 PM

too cold to stand here but I was waiting
waiting for a ship across the lake
a man said lip mountain is there

sunny 20 Jan, 2009

f°posted at 17:36 PM

Who built this? 
Was it the man? or was it the Wind? or the Tides perhaps?
Maybe it has always been here, wainting for you to see.

sunny 15 Jan, 2009

n°posted at 21:33 PM

snowing day I was at mt.moere
if I weave landscape, I will pick up the yarns of northern colors

sunny 15 Jan, 2009

f°posted at 12:41 PM

Rainy day on Aysen, the patagonic colours were replaced by a deepest kind.
Light breaking through the abstract darkness, touching the Baker river's last days.
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The earth is round. n˚ is at 35˚27' north latitude and f˚ is at 33˚ 38' south latitude. We live on opposite sides of this sphere, don't we? Eyes of n˚ and f˚ occasionally meet each other on white planar surface.