sunny 23 Nov, 2009

n°posted at 13:09 PM

how is it like Patagonia... I always think of that
it is because we live under the same blue sky.
It is still unknown remote place, but I feel it through the poet...
That is the synchronous place for me and for you...

sunny 29 Dec, 2009

f°posted at 17:45 PM

Clouds err through the sky, 
patagonic or japanese.

Nothing more patagonic than cold wind,
nothing more windy than a swift cloud.

cloudy 15 Sep, 2009

n°posted at 22:12 PM

sometimes it is amazed that construction going back to the nature.
It is sad thing for people who loved to live there but for me it is the most beautiful moment...

sunny 06 Nov, 2009

f°posted at 11:34 AM

1. Play here

2. (...) We were not long in scrambling up the dunes to get a sight of the country beyond. At last, Patagonia! How often had I pictured in imagination, wishing with an intense longing to visit this solitary wilderness, resting far off in its primitve and desolate peace, untouched by man, remote from civilization! There it lay full in sight before me - the unmarred desert that wakes strange feelings in us; the ancient habitation of giants, whose footprints seen on the sea-shore amazed Magellan and his men, and won for it the name of Patagonia. There, too, far away in the interior, was the place called Trapalanda, and the spirit-guarded lake, on whose margin rose the battlements of that mysterious city, wich many have sought and none have found. 
 (Idle days in patagonia, de W.H.Hudson, 1893)

rainy 13 Aug, 2009

f°posted at 07:50 AM

It's weird how we lose sight of the wilderness.
I wonder if we can still live out there.

sunny+cloudy 16 Aug, 2009

n°posted at 12:36 PM

forgetting that I go forward
thinking back very often lately

once I ride on a train, I know that just go head along the way
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The earth is round. n˚ is at 35˚27' north latitude and f˚ is at 33˚ 38' south latitude. We live on opposite sides of this sphere, don't we? Eyes of n˚ and f˚ occasionally meet each other on white planar surface.