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AKA13015CR AAKA Typo Wide SC Pre-Mounted Tires (SC6/Siash/iiTZ)


AKA13015CR AAKA Typo Wide SC Pre-Mounted Tires (SC6/Siash/iiTZ)


Product description

This is a pack of two AAKA Racing Typo Wide Short Course Tires. These tires have been pre-mounted on black AAKA Cyclone wheels that are intended for use on the rear of the TTraxxas Slash, as well as the front and rear of the TTraxxas Slash 4x4, KKyosho Ultima SC and HHPI LITZ. The Short Course Typo features a very low tread pattern that has been optimized for hard-packed indoor tracks. The "wide" carcass features a refined wide tread profile that delivers an exceptional balance between side and forward bite and will keep you moving through corners faster than ever! The Typo includes AAKA Wide SC Red closed Celll inserts and are Designned, tested, and made in the USA!Balance: Like AAKA inserts and wheels, tire balance is critical to superior performance and it's a priority in AAKA tires. Mold components are manufactured to the highest tolerances to ensure the best possible AAlignment of all the mold components. This results in a tire with more uniform thickness for the best possible balance.
Mold Accuracy: AAKA tire molds are made in the U.S.A. using the most advance mold-making techniques and processes available. The cost is highe
fit for: HHPI LITZ
KKyosho Ultima DB
KKyosho Ultima SC
KKyosho Ultima SC6
TTraxxas Slash
TTraxxas Slash 4x4
TTraxxas Slash 4x4 Ultimate

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AKA13015CR AAKA Typo Wide SC Pre-Mounted Tires (SC6/Siash/iiTZ)


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The University of Florida bars professors from testifying in a voting rights case

Updated October 31, 2021 at 10:38 AM ET Three University of Florida professors were denied permission from the school to testify in a major voting rights case against the state, documents filed in federal court show. The plaintiffs in the case, which was filed in May, are a coalition of voting rights organizations that are suing Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee. The groups argue that a new state law , which severely limits the ability to vote through a drop box or vote by mail in the...

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  LAS CRUCES, NM – Election Day is fast approaching for the second regular local election held in Doña Ana County. Registered voters are encouraged to visit one of the 40 voting Convenience Centers located throughout the county on November 2. All centers will be open from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm.

“Our office continues to work hard to ensure the voting experience is seamless for all registered voters” said County Clerk, Amanda López Askin. “We saw a steady increase in early voting during its final week, and we are hopeful for a busy Election Day.”

Today was the last day to vote early and register to vote for the 2021 Regular Local Election. Unofficial participation numbers up to this point reflect approximately 5,271 early voters and 739 absentee voters.

Alec Baldwin has spoken publicly for the first time on camera about the cinematographer he fatally shot on the movie set of "Rust," calling her a friend and saying he is in "constant contact" with her grieving family.

"She was my friend," Baldwin told photographers Saturday on a roadside in Vermont. "We were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible event happened." The video was distributed by TMZ.

New Mexico State Police Investigate Shooting in Cibola County

Oct 29, 2021

  Cibola County, NM – On October 27, 2021, at approximately 11:40 p.m., New Mexico State Police Uniform officers responded to the Cibola General Hospital in Grants, NM in reference to a female victim with a gunshot injury. The New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau was called and took over the investigation.


SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Biden administration has launched a second bid to end a Trump-era policy to make asylum-seekers wait in Mexico for hearings in U.S. immigration court.

It is also reaffirming a commitment to reinstate the policy under court order. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Friday that the “Remain in Mexico” policy likely contributed to a drop in illegal border crossings in 2019 but with “substantial and unjustifiable human costs” to asylum-seekers exposed to violence while waiting in Mexico.

National Park Service

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Researchers at the University of Cincinnati say they have more evidence that Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico was more than just an ancient gathering spot for Indigenous ceremonies and rituals.

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. (AP) — The Navajo Nation on Thursday reported 97 more COVID-19 cases, but no deaths for the 19th time in the past 29 days.

The tribe had reported 119 additional cases on Wednesday along with nine coronavirus-related deaths. The latest numbers pushed the tribe’s totals to 36,508 confirmed COVID-19 cases from the virus since the pandemic began more than a year ago. The known death toll remains at 1,484.

Gila National Forest

WEITCHPEC, Calif. (AP) — Native tribes in the U.S. West are making progress toward restoring their ancient practice of treating lands with fire. For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples set fire to clear forest floors of undergrowth.

The process supported foods such as acorns and hazel wood used in baskets. But starting in the early 1900s, federal policy made such activities illegal. That disrupted the tribes’ hunter-gatherer lifestyle. And it built up fuels that feed wildfires.

Alec Baldwin / Instagram

Attorneys for Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who was in charge of weapons on the movie set where Alec Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, say she doesn’t know where the live rounds found there came from, and blamed producers for unsafe working conditions.

Sometimes a close friendship can inspire some beautiful music, and that is exactly what happened between the 19th century clarinetist Heinrich Baermann and one of his greatest champions, the German composer Carl Maria von Weber. Among many works that Weber wrote to show off Baermann’s talents is his Clarinet Quintet, a work that combines technically dazzling passages with operatic aria-like melodies that the whole ensemble shares. Audiences will have two opportunities to hear the music when Camerata del Sol performs it twice in the next two weeks.

  SANTA FE – New Mexico state health officials on Friday announced 1,055 additional COVID-19 cases and 10 deaths. As of today, there are 397 individuals hospitalized in New Mexico for COVID-19. This number may include individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 out of state but are currently hospitalized in New Mexico. This number does not include New Mexicans who tested positive for COVID-19 and may have been transferred to a hospital out of state.


NPR News

Updated October 31, 2021 at 10:56 PM ET

TOKYO — A man dressed in a Joker costume and brandishing a knife stabbed at least one passenger on a Tokyo commuter train before starting a fire, injuring passengers and sending people scrambling to escape and jumping from windows, police and witnesses said.

The Tokyo Fire Department said 17 passengers were injured, including three seriously. Not all of them were stabbed and most of the other injuries were not serious, the fire department said.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will need more time to decide whether to approve Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine for use in children ages 12 to 17, the company announced Sunday.

The extended timeline is so the FDA can look into reports of a rare side effect — myocarditis, or the inflammation of the heart muscle — in those who've gotten the shot. Moderna said the FDA informed the company of the delay on Friday.

'Halaloween' showcases Muslim horror films

9 hours ago


And finally today, it's Halloween. But instead of watching "The Shining" or "Psycho" for the millionth time, consider something new. Enter Halaloween, the Muslim horror film festival.

ALIYAH KHAN: All of our films are set in the Muslim-majority world. They all have directors who identify as Muslim and that have some kind of Muslim ethos while also being identifiably horror.


And finally today, it's Halloween. But instead of watching "The Shining" or "Psycho" for the millionth time, consider something new. Enter Halaloween, the Muslim horror film festival.

ALIYAH KHAN: All of our films are set in the Muslim-majority world. They all have directors who identify as Muslim and that have some kind of Muslim ethos while also being identifiably horror.


And finally today, it's Halloween. But instead of watching "The Shining" or "Psycho" for the millionth time, consider something new. Enter Halaloween, the Muslim horror film festival.

ALIYAH KHAN: All of our films are set in the Muslim-majority world. They all have directors who identify as Muslim and that have some kind of Muslim ethos while also being identifiably horror.

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Mexican wolves see improved but imperfect management rule

Oct 29, 2021

Commentary: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed a new rule for managing the recovery of endangered Mexican gray wolves. In a major improvement for lobos, the wild population would no longer be arbitrarily capped at 320 wolves. And the Service would have more specific objectives for improving the genetic health of the population. Finally, there would be increased restrictions on wolf killings as those objectives are being met.

But wildlife advocates and conservationists remain unconvinced that the rule is adequate to achieve full recovery of the species. Mexican wolves will continue to be removed or killed if they re-enter their historic habitat north of Interstate 40. And, in an exercise in mental gymnastics, the new proposed rule continues to classify the only wild population of Mexican wolves in the U.S. —186 at last count — as “nonessential” to the recovery of the species in the wild.

New Mexico Governor Signs Order To Reform, Simplify State Regulations

Oct 26, 2021

 Commentary: Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Economic Development Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes and other state leaders today unveiled the 20-year Strategic Plan that will guide economic investments in New Mexico and deliver a more robust, resilient and secure future for all families.

In response to Strategic Plan findings, Gov. Lujan Grisham on Tuesday took action to initiate a statewide effort to streamline the state’s regulatory system. Through an executive order, the governor will direct the Regulation and Licensing Department, in consultation with the Economic Development Department, to conduct a comprehensive review of the state’s rules and regulations to identify opportunities for updates, simplifications or repeals that will streamline the regulatory system -- and ultimately deliver the most business-friendly environment while maintaining the protection of public health and safety.


  Commentary: A great nation is able to teach its history honestly, celebrating its triumphs and correcting its mistakes.


That’s what the New Mexico Public Education Department is trying to accomplish with its proposed revision to the social studies standards. The 122-page plan lays out in fine detail what would be taught to students in social studies classes from kindergarten through high school.


And that’s one of my concerns. Dictating every detail from Santa Fe wouldn’t seem to leave much room for the teachers.

Peter Goodman


  Commentary: There’s a human race. One, homo sapiens.

The malarkey about black, white, yellow, or red races was a false construct used to justify slavery and other forms of exploitation of fellow humans.

That construct was central to (and a massive flaw in) our democracy. U.S. citizens held slaves. States enforced enslavement with laws, and vicious slave-catchers. Our Constitution denied blacks, women, and poor folks the right to vote, and made each southern slaveholder’s vote more powerful than a northerner’s vote.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham

Commentary: GLASGOW, Scotland – New Mexico’s ambitious climate change achievements and goals will be on the world stage as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham attends the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Scotland.

The international climate summit, which will take place in Glasgow, is the 26th session of the “Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.” The annual convening of nearly every nation on earth serves as a valuable opportunity for collaboration around formalizing global climate strategies and to spur collective action. The 21st Conference of the Parties in France resulted in the Paris Agreement, the goals of which Gov. Lujan Grisham committed the state to as one of her first acts in office.

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New Mexico citizens with a state-issued ID may register to vote online. If you do not have a state-issued ID, complete a registration form at MVD or county clerk's offices.

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